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Zeta System



Revêtement en bois spécifique pour activités sportives homologuées FIBA NIVEAU 1 est composé
d’une couche unique de contreplaqué phénolique coupée en lames sur lesquelles est fixé le sol
préfini (finition au choix hêtre, chêne ou érable). L’ensemble sera amorti par un matelas en
polyuréthane expansé flexible. Ce système garantit une parfaite uniformité de réponse élastique
dans chaque point de la surface finale.

Le système Zeta System est conforme à la norme UNI EN 14904, à la norme DIN 18032-2 et aux
prescriptions des fédérations sportives internationales.


FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Level 1, 2 and 3


Installations sportives indoor









Épaisseur Poids
41 mm 14,2 kg/m²

Indoor sport wood flooring system is a natural product that is completely installed on site. Therefore installation conditions are important factors to achieve the best final results. Before starting the installation, the facility must be completely closed (windows and doors already installed) and perfectly dry. The environmental temperature during installation (day and night) must be over 15º C and relative humidity must be between 45% and 60%.
To properly maintain the sport wooden flooring system, the building must have an adequate air circulation and / or a ventilation system. Large windows, with direct sunlight over the wooden floor, must be covered. The same conditions as per installation apply. The environmental temperature (day and night) must be over 15º C at all times and relative humidity must be between 45% and 60%. The owner is responsible for ensuring these conditions by use of an environmental thermometer and a hygrometer for direct detection. The required conditions are indicated not only as desirable but as mandatory to be considered within the official warranty guidelines.
For regular and special cleaning and maintenance of MONDO wooden systems it must exclude the use of scrubbers, single disc-machines, water jet, vacuum with a revolving brush and / or so-called liquid solutions.

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